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December 2017 Feature: IBM Explores Learning in a Cognitive Era

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December 2017 Feature: IBM Explores Learning in a Cognitive Era

December 14, 2017

“IBM sees a new partnership between man and machine, not man versus machine.”

The second keynote speaker of EdTech Engage 2017 was IBM Vice President, Worldwide Developer Engagement, IBM Digital Business Group, Catherine Solazzo. Catherine is responsible for activating all go to market programs for developers, startups, and academia and showcased her diverse background and expertise during her keynote speech. Catherine discussed the capability of IBM Watson to aid teaching and learning. She explained that the possibilities of cognitive-assisted learning is endless by allowing educators and students to accelerate personalized learning by infusing analytics and technology that is guaranteed to impact the workforce of the future. Watch Catherine’s keynote below.

This is the second of our four part feature chronicling EdTech Engage 2017. EdTech Engage took place at the Penn Stater Conference Center and Hotel on October 5-6, 2017. The symposium featured keynote speakers from leading artificial intelligence (AI) companies, panel discussions from thought leaders on the current and potential impact of AI, faculty sessions showcasing some of the innovative, groundbreaking work under way at Penn State, and networking activities. During the month of December, we are showcasing four key events from the symposium and giving everyone an inside look at the interactive dialogue and engaging speakers that showcased their expertise at the symposium.

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